Clear Kayak with Drone Photoshoot In Montego Bay

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$20 – $80 per person



Clear Kayak Tour Montego Bay

A clear kayak tour is a unique watercraft that allows you to see the underwater world without getting wet. Our clear kayaks are made of polycarbonate material that provides an unobstructed view of the marine life, corals, and other underwater attractions. This makes it a great experience for nature lovers, adventurers, and families alike.

Tour Options

We offer different types of clear kayak tours to cater to your specific preferences and requirements. You can choose from the following options:

Single Kayak Tour

This tour option is ideal for solo travelers or those who prefer to paddle independently. The single kayak tour costs $60 per person and includes a one-hour guided tour with a knowledgeable and experienced guide.

Double Clear Kayak Tour

This tour option is perfect for couples, friends, or family members who want to share the experience together. The double clear kayak tour costs $70 per person and includes a one-hour guided tour with a knowledgeable and experienced guide.

Drone Shot Single Clear Kayak Tour

For those who want to capture stunning aerial shots of their clear kayak tour, we offer a drone shot single clear kayak tour. This tour costs $180 per person and includes a one-hour guided tour and a drone operator who will capture high-quality footage of your adventure.

Transportation Type

Our transportation services are unique, ensuring that you have a comfortable and stress-free journey to the starting point of your destination.


All our Clear Kayak tours have a duration of one hour, including the time spent on the water and the guidance provided by our experienced guides.

Booking Information

To book your Clear Kayak Tour in Montego Bay, simply hit the “Book Now” button with your preferred date, time, and location. We’ll provide you with all the necessary details and answer any questions you may have. Don’t miss out on this unique and unforgettable adventure in Montego Bay.


If you staying in Hotel/Resort then please provide above only name of Hotel/Resort otherwise Complete Address Or Cruise Port Name.

1. Pickup & Drop Off point is Main Lobby for Guests staying in Hotel/Resort.

2. The attraction entrance fees is not included in transportation cost above.

4. It’s a Chartered/Private Taxi and Cost to Book is same for 1-4 Persons. For more than 4 Persons Total Cost increases per Additional Person.

5. Please Book one Tour/Transfer at a Time since Each Tour/Transfer starts at Different Date & Time.

6.For Groups 10 or more Persons you will get 10 % Discount.

Additional information

Pick Up And Drop Off Area

Falmouth & Duncans (Trelawny), Kingston Spanish Town & Portmore, Lucea ( Grand Palladium , Hanover ), Montego Bay ( St. James), Nergil ( Westmoreland ), Occo Rios (St. Ann), Port Antonio ( Portland ), Runway Bay (St. Ann )


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